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Photography for Newborns, Maternity, Family, and Birth.
Photography for High School Seniors, Business Branding, and more.
Photography for Engagements, Weddings, and Seniors.

Almost two years ago, the three of us sat in a room excitedly discussing a future together working under the same name and in the same studio with the same dream. This dream came to life, taking the name of The Clover. We planted a seed and were given water, light, and soil for our roots to grow in by friends, family, our community, and our clients. In this time we have uprooted and moved to a new studio space that allowed the three of us to grow professionally and personally - together and separately.


Recently, the three of us sat again in our dream studio, like we had many times before, to talk about how we wanted to grow moving forward. This time, we all agreed that we love working together and sharing a space, but at the end of the day, we’re all different flowers, in need of different conditions to grow well and to our full potential.


With that being said, we are eager to announce that we will be retiring “The Clover” but are excited to continue sharing our beautiful space in the Handlebend Building as we always have... after all, we have and always will believe the Irish proverb that “There is luck in sharing.” We are now each re-branding under our individual business names and working with clients separately under those businesses instead of as a group collective.


The three of us are beyond excited for one another and will continue to love and support each other moving forward. While this change is bittersweet, we have agreed it is necessary and will be nothing but good for each of us. We are endlessly thankful for one another and for all of you.


Here’s to us, girls. Let’s bloom. 


-Bekah, Brittani, and Amber